First Day at New School

Today was Faith’s first day at her new elementary school.  We had planned to get her signed up last week, but it took a couple of trips to the school to get all the paperwork together, and then Faith came down with a bad cold.  So, she ended up with a few extra days off from school.

She was really nervous about starting a new school and making new friends.  She had a best friend at her old school, and she was sad about moving away from her.  Faith was also sure that she could never have another best friend like her.  Faith makes friends easily, so Dream and I were confident that she would be just fine at the new school.

Dream took her to school this morning.  When they arrived to the classroom, they were doing art, which is one of Faith’s favorite things in school.  Faith had a good grip on mommy’s hand as they entered the classroom.  The kindergarten teacher was super nice, and asked one of the outgoing little girls to join Faith at a table.  When Faith saw that, she let go of mommy’s hand and headed for the table.

Faith has always been real good about starting school without much fuss.  Even on the first day of preschool, when she hadn’t been in any type of daycare or any structured things away from mom and dad, she went right in with no crying.  She has a real sense of adventure that kicks in.

Her sense of adventure is one of the things that drives our desire to downsize our living style so that we can afford to spend more on trips and vacations.

This school starts about an hour later than her other school did, which means Faith and Dream get to sleep in a little.  Her lunch starts later too, which is a bit of an adjustment, but they have snack time in the morning to hold them over.

When we were scoping out the school a couple months ago, we noticed that this one had swings on the playground.  Seems like liability factors have caused most schools to do away with the swingset, but this school has one.  She has been pretty excited about that, and today she was able to make use of them during playground time.

It was mostly a positive experience.  The only negative was that she said she wished all the other kids would stop asking her if she ever talks.  She’ll warm up soon though.  She is really good at making friends and actually becomes a little chatter box with her friends.

It’s interesting to see the differences in different schools.  The homework at her old school had a big focus on reading and writing, and a little focus on math.  The homework from her new school was all math, and no reading or writing.  We’ll have to see if the focus remains on math, or if they cycle through other subjects as well.

Another difference with this school is that the entire school zone is within the minimum busing distance, meaning there are no buses.  Everyone either walks, rides a bike, or gets picked up.  Faith really enjoyed riding the bus, so this is another change for her.  We are at the very edge of the school zone, making it about a 20 minute walk.  The current plan is to drive her to school on most days.  I work from home on Wednesdays, so I may walk her to school on some Wednesdays.  She might enjoy walking or biking occasionally, and it might make up for missing the bus ride.

When Faith got home from school she said she likes her new school.  Dream and I are both relieved that she likes it.  Faith going to a new school was probably the biggest change for the whole family, and we’re glad that everything went well.


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    If this were a facebook post, I’d ‘like’ it. Having worked in a kindergarten class, I would say that it’s possible that the school cycles the emphasis, or the school has had lower math scores in the past and is working hard to raise them.
    Willow´s last blog post ..Gardens and Hikes and No Snow

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      Yeah, that could be it. She brought home a “Good Job Certificate” for Letter Recognition today, so they must be working on that in the classroom. We worked through the math homework tonight, and she enjoyed some of the activities.

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