No Longer Afraid of the Dark

Yesterday I posted about some of the things we’ll miss about owning a house.  Today I want to share something completely unexpected.

In our house, Faith was afraid of the dark.  She didn’t liking going to her bathroom to brush her teeth at night.  She wouldn’t go unless Dream or I went with her.  It isn’t necessarily the dark she was afraid of, it was more like the dark plus the many windows.  When I was a kid I was also afraid of what might be outside the windows in the dark, so I can relate to how she feels.

In our house, we had windows in practically every room, including all the bathrooms.  In our new apartment, we have a window in both bedrooms, and another set of windows in the living room.  For whatever reason, Faith isn’t as scared of these windows.  Maybe because we are in a building with a bunch of other people, or maybe because there are simply less windows.  Every night so far, Faith hasn’t asked us to come with her to brush her teeth.  She just goes right into her bathroom, flips on the light, and takes care of business.

I noticed similar behavior with one of our cats.  Not the brushing the teeth part; we still can’t get him to do that on his own.  But the being scared part.  This cat is our scaredy cat.  He is very skittish around people, and spends most of the day hiding and sleeping under the bed.  At night in the house, he would come out only after everyone had gone to bed.  He rarely came out in the daytime.  Now, in the apartment, he comes out and walks around in the evening, and spends some time with us.  Maybe he didn’t like all the windows either.


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    Now that is downright spooky!!!! But kids and animals have a sense about things. It makes me wonder if you had the sense of it, too, but being a grown wage-earning responsible man you’ve rationalized it as being reluctant about the long dangerous commute or wasting life/time mowing the lawn? Then again, Faith is growing up and might just be ready to be a big girl. The cat, however, is another matter altogether!!!
    Meg´s last blog post ..Minimalism and Sacred Spaces

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      Yeah, it’s pretty interesting. I like your observation that maybe I felt it too, I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you could be onto something.

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    I have felt more safe in apartments, too. Maybe it is that we have such a long history of being communal beings. Living in separate dwellings, with the idea of private property, is relatively new behavior for humans. Haven’t commented for awhile, but have enjoyed watching your journey unfold. Hope you continue to find unexpected gifts.
    Rita@thissortaoldlife´s last blog post ..Mama said there’d be days like this…

  3. Karen (scotland) says

    I can totally, totally relate to your daughter. In my first home (a 1-bed tenement flat), I could sense what was going one everywhere in my home, hear where anyone was and I could put my hand in every room when standing in the entrance hall.
    In our new house (5bed), there is a lot of walking to get from room to room.
    I had a lot of house-related-nightmares when we first moved here (haunted, under surveillance, robbers on the stairs) which was really wierd for me (I’m as pragmatic as they come) but I think it was just my mind adapting to the more “open” space of the larger house.
    Anyway, my experience just supports the theory that smaller homes feel cosier and more secure and that the “connection” is easier and stronger. Glad your Faith has found some confidence from that security.
    Karen (Scotland)

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