Moving Day

Saturday was our day to move. We signed the lease on Friday and moved a few of our fragile items ahead of time. We hired Two Men and a Truck to do our move. They quoted us a little of $500 for the move which included two men for up to 4 hours. $500 sounded like a good price to me, and meant I would have to go through the hassle of renting a truck and the effort of moving everything by myself.

Dream had most of the house boxed up a few weeks ahead of time. On the Thursday and Friday before the move, we boxed up the remaining items. We used a total of 71, boxes three rolls of packing tape, and a pack and a half of packing paper. The total for all the packing material came to about $100.

We contemplated moving everything ourselves, but in the end, we were happy that we decided on the moving company. The boxes would have been easy to move, but having the professionals take care of that plus the furniture was worth the 500 bucks. One nice thing about having the pros do it is they took apart our beds and reassembled them after the move. They also had all the moving blankets and plastic wrap for moving the dressers, night stands, shelving, and china cabinet.

Since we had everything boxed, and had the boxes staged in the garage, it only took them an hour to load the truck. One guy worked on loading the boxes while the other guy worked on the furniture.

It was about an hour drive to our new apartment, and then it took about an hour to unload everything and reassemble our furniture.

Here is a picture of the boxes stacked in our apartment.

moving boxes and new sofa

Our stack of moving boxes in our new apartment (and our new sectional)

The entire move ended up taking just three hours. We were paying by the hour, so we ended up paying about $400 instead of the $500 quoted.

As the movers brought in boxes we started unpacking them. That’s another nice thing about having movers; we were free to unpack and put things away as the movers brought in the boxes of stuff. After the movers left, we spent the rest of the day unpacking. The progress was fast at first, but then we started slowing down as we tried to figure out where to put some stuff.

The real stickers were office supplies, toys, and junk drawer stuff.

On Sunday we took a break from unpacking so that Faith could get some play time in. She was excited about the move, but I could tell by a few short tempered outbursts that the she was feeling a bit stressed. Faith and I decided to take a walk across the apartment complex in search of the playground.

She also wanted to replenish her “collection” which had fallen out of a drawer during the move. The “collection” consisted of some acorns and leaves, and I promised her we could go hunting for some more items for her collection. As we walked across the apartment complex, she found some very nice acorn tops, a few acorns, and a couple of leaves. She picked up each item, examined it, and then placed it in her purse.

The playground ended up being at the complete other end of the complex, but we enjoyed our walk. The playground was pretty awesome. It had two nice play structures with lots of things to climb and a variety of slides. We played Rapunzel for a little while, with her letting down her hair, and me climbing up.

She was feeling much better after our walk and play, and we made plans to check out another nearby park after lunchtime.

After walking back, we did a little more unpacking, and then headed to Publix to get our resident ID. The resident ID allows us to make use of the several neighborhood parks dotting the community. We picked up some subs for lunch and headed to one of the parks. Faith played some more while we ate lunch, and then I joined in to play for a little while.

At this point we have a few boxes of things that don’t have a good home.  We’re going to have to do some more purging and/or find homes for these items.  We are working our way through these things — slowly.

We’re happy with our new place, and things are looking good.  I’m looking forward to getting through the remaining boxes and getting everything tidied up and organized.


  1. Karen (scotland) says

    Inspiring that you’re either finding a home for everything or purging.
    In a house, it’s so easy to “stick that in the attic and we’ll deal with it later”. Um, yeah, that’s why we still have boxes packed from when my husband moved over from Holland – in 2000! Moved from attic to attic to attic…
    What a great, positive start to the new year you’re having!
    Karen (Scotland)

    • says

      Stick it in the attic (or a drawer or closet) is pretty easy in a house. We still have a box of junk drawer stuff and office/school supplies that we need to find a home for. That’s one of our little projects for this week. We’re thinking about buying one of those little two drawer plastic bin type storage things to put this stuff in, and we’ll just put that in our closet where it’s out of the way.

  2. Mossy says

    I can tell the new place is already looking quite homey :)

    Thank you so much for sharing all these steps with us; I feel like I went through it with you and think about my own move.

    • says

      Thanks Mossy, we’re getting there. We have a bit of organizing to do still, but we have all the major pieces in place, and it is feeling very much like our new home.

  3. Stephanie says

    Thank you for sharing all of this! We are also rethinking the American dream after owning a house for 8 years. We spent so much time and money maintaining that house, and now that we have to move due to my husband being transferred, we can’t even sell it because it’s under water. We would have been way happier leasing during those years, and wouldn’t have that darn house hanging over our heads right now. We are also getting rid of things like crazy, which I love.(Lol, They are starting to know us at the Goodwill drop off center!) Good luck in your new home!! : )

    • says

      Hi Stephanie,
      You’re welcome. I wanted to share this because I couldn’t find anyone else doing it. It is ironic that home ownership and freedom are two parts of the American dream, but they don’t exactly go well together. Home ownership really limits our freedom, both financially and logistically. Many people are in your situation today, owe more than the house is worth, so you can’t sell, yet you need to move. I know of several people that just took the foreclosure or short-sale and just moved on with their lives. I wish you luck in your move and hope everything works out with your house.

  4. says

    Your move reminds me of ours five years ago–everything boxed up and moved into the front room, hired an outfit similar to Two Men and a Truck, etc. My husband went to the new house at 6 am with the tv and other electronics to get it set up and wait for the cable guy. I supervised the move from the old house and made sure the cat was safe and out of the way in an empty bedroom. It didn’t take long, but we had a lot more stuff to move than you did– this was pre-minimalism, even if it was already downsizing.

    You guys are going to love your new lives! I can just picture it from what you’ve written, the parks and playgrounds, a nearby good grandma, no interstate commute, and a place for everything and everything in its place. No more worries about maintenance, lawn mowing, etc. Wonderful stuff :)
    Meg´s last blog post ..Minimalism and Sacred Spaces

    • says

      Hey Meg,
      I’ll tell you one thing, the 15 minute commute to work is awesome. That has freed up about an hour of time every day. The maintenance is pretty cool too, we had a pocket door that wasn’t sliding very well, and I just put in a request to get it fixed. I think everything is going to work out great.

    • says

      Hi Joanna,
      It looks like you are making good progress too. Our first declutter took several months, and we worked on it most weekends and some during the week. It was a major effort, but it really paid off. After our big purge, the whole house was much easier to keep clean and de-cluttered. The things that helped us was to become detached from the retail value of the things we had, and decide that these things actually had zero value, because they no longer held value to us. If we wouldn’t pay any even $1 to buy these things, then they really don’t hold any value. The other thing we did was to break the “I might need it later” mindset. If we hadn’t used it in the last 6 months, chances are we wouldn’t need it again. So far, out of the thousands of items we got rid of, we’ve only found two or three things that we ended up needing. In those cases we usually just made due with an alternative.

    • says

      I don’t know I would say unstressed, but definitely low stress. The two garage sales made the move a thousand times easier. It’s kinda funny, we got rid of so much stuff that we didn’t even take up all the space in the moving truck.


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