Stuff, I Love It Sometimes

Faith Janes of Minimalist at Home shared a great post about a cute moment between mother and daughter.  Her daughter said, “Mama, I love you sometimes.”  Such a cute moment from a young daughter isn’t quite old enough to grasp the full meaning of all the words she chooses.

As Faith was pondering these words, she realized that it applies to clutter in a more literal, fully understanding the meaning of all the words, way.  I really liked Faith’s post and wanted to share the idea.

We love some of our stuff sometimes.  It’s this sometimes-we-love-it stuff that can really pile up, and is often the hardest choice in the keep vs. toss decision.

Before our first big declutter I had a whole stack of t-shrits that I loved sometimes.  They were good around-the-house kind of shirts, but I didn’t love them for wearing outside the house.  It was easy to find some that I loved all the time — for home and out.  I tossed/donated the sometimes shirts and kept the ones that I loved to wear all the time.

We had some kitchen appliances that we loved sometimes.  The one that comes to mind is a juicer.  It was great when friends or family gifted us with some fruits or vegetables.  The rest of the time it sat unused.  We loved it sometimes, but most of the time it was taking up space.  Since we didn’t love it all the time we sold it at a garage sale.

CDs, are another sometimes thing.  We had a whole collection of music CDs, and we loved to listen to them sometimes.  Most of the time they either sat in a rack unused, or in a box in the closet.  We finally decided that when we love them so infrequently that they sit in a box in the closet, that it’s time to let them go.

Books were big too.  I love books while I’m reading them, but not so much when they are cluttering up a shelf.  Magazines too.  I loved them while I was reading the articles, but not when they were becoming surface clutter or when I realized I always felt like I needed more stuff after reading them.

In each of these cases, I got rid of the sometimes-I-love-it stuff.  Looking at stuff in this light can help you get through some of the tougher decisions.

What kind of things do you love sometimes?  Do you have anything like this you can get rid of?  Share in the comments below.

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