Embrace Your Inner Sprinter Experiment

From the responses to my jogger vs. sprinter post, it sounds like most people tend to be sprinters.  At least most of the people reading this blog that responded to the post.  I’m starting to wonder if we are a society of sprinters that get forced into jogging.  As a recap, sprinting is doing large chunks of a task or an entire task all at once and then resting between tasks, while jogging is doing a little bit everyday.

In theory, I think jogging tends to be the better option for maintaining a neat, clean, and orderly home.  This is especially true once you complete the decluttering phase and move into maintenance mode.  I have a very hard time doing-a-little-every-day, and that is causing a messy home.

In the comments of the jogger vs. sprinter post, Marie was inspired to try giving up the jogger mentality and instead embrace her inner sprinter.

Here is what Marie had to say:

For many years now I have spent much energy and time trying to do “baby steps”, makes lists, establish routines, etc. The results are dismal.

As a newly self-identified sprinter, I’ve decided to discard all that advice and take the month of August to do the opposite! Since this is an experiment, I will limit it for now to housework and home related things. As much as possible, I will:

  • live without a to-do list, and do things as I notice them or when I have time
  • stop doing daily baby-steps, and go BIG (do a whole lot and rest after)

In summary, I plan to use my energy to get things done (yes, in bursts LOL) instead of spending it reminding me of what I *should* be doing as part of a balanced routine.

I think this is a great experiment and I’m going to join her.  I’m going to explore what it means to be a sprinter.

One thing I’ve noticed about being a sprinter is that I usually sprint when I’m inspired.  When I get inspired to declutter, or write, or even to do something fun, I have to jump up an do it.  If I wait too long, the inspiration will pass and I’ll fall back to inactivity.

A key element in sprinting is to take advantage of those moments when you feel inspired.  Over the month of August, I’m going to pay more attention to the types of things that inspire me.  I’m also going to pay attention to the time of the day and time of the week when I feel most inspired.

I know mornings are a good time for me.  My weekends sometimes get sabotaged by staying up late and sleeping in.  That causes me to miss out on some time where I could be inspired to sprint to complete some task or activity.  I’m going to need to pay attention to that and get to bed nearer to my regular bedtime.

There may be other times I’m sabotaging myself, and I need to find out what causes that.  I also want to pay attention to the times I am inspired to sprint to see if I can reproduce those or to take better advantage of them.

I would love for my fellow sprinters to join me in this experiment.  Let’s take the month of August to learn a little about ourselves.  Together, we can learn how to embrace our inner sprinter to get some things done.

  • Pay attention to the times you sprint and the times you jog.  How do you feel when sprinting vs. jogging?
  • Pay attention to the moments of inspiration when you sprint into action.  What triggered the inspiration and how long did it last?
  • Pay attention to the time of day/week/month when you feel most productive.  Are there certain times when you feel inspired to sprint?

At the end of the experiment I’d like to compile the results of everyone that participates and share them here.  You can share your insights in the comments of this post, in our Facebook group, or you can send them to me through my contact page.

Who’s with me for the Embrace your Inner Sprinter Experiment?

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